Welcome to the
Sunlight Letterbox Group

Sunlight Letter Box Group (SLG) are Australia’s leading and most innovative mailbox specialist manufacturers. We are renowned for our quality products and the innovation we bring to projects. We specialise in Commercial and High End mailboxes and Signage throughout Australia.

With over 50years experience, we are well known for the quality of our work, focusing on style and presentation. We are recognised in the market for our creative mailbox designs, whether it is an original masterpiece for your establishment or a mailbank, our product range will meet your every need. Specialising in supplying you, our Customer, with the best of service and design.

Our mailboxes can either be a piece of art or something solid to secure your mail. Our manufacturing technology has been chosen to ensure we can meet the stringiest of specifications and design criteria.

Sunlight Letterbox Group supply to the following industries:
Commercial, Architects, Building Estate Developers, Property Management and Body Corporates.