Our Mailbanks are designed to meet Australian Standards. They are manufactured from anodized aluminum 15um and can also be manufactured from Colourbond, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper or Brass and are available in various finishes – Natural, painted or special finish.

They can be manufactured as single or multiple units, insert, free standing or wall mounted. Due to the modular construction design, all dimensions can be varied to suit your specific requirements. All mailbanks are numbered as standard and can also contain customized lettering if required.

Additional specifications can be added such as paper shelves, body corporate boxes, directory/signage, intercom panels, parcel shelves and boxes, mailroom boxes, pickup and drop-off boxes. Mailbanks can also be supplied with a matching angle trim kit for insert applications and a neat finish, shadowline or LED lighting.

Standard designs are front opening with rear opening also available. Door locking is by a Dimple Cam lock mastered with two keys high security with restricted access.

All components of the system are fully replaceable with a maintenance programme available on request.

Throughout your project, it is our goal to assist you every step of the way, so when designing your mailbank please consider the size of the box and the number of boxes in each bank. Where your available space requires something special in shape and size, we can easily custom make to meet your needs. We can alter the width, height & depth to suit.